The storage of heavy and oversized goods always requires a solid and thoughtful logistics service. Inefficient use of storage space for these types of heavy and oversized goods will affect the speed of meeting production progress as well as customer needs, leading to handling extremely complicated consequences. Understanding the problems that businesses are facing, Autotech offers 4 Kardex Remstar smart warehouse solutions that are ideal for these special requirements.

Easily manage heavy goods with Kardex Remstar smart warehouse

Kardex Remstar provides smart warehouse solutions for heavy goods

With automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) from Kardex Remstar, heavy duty items can be handled ergonomically and in a smaller footprint. Whether businesses need to store items that are oversized in width (such as metal sheets, wooden panels, …) or have extremely heavy weight, Kardex Remstar offers various smart warehouse solutions to manage this wide variety of inventory.

1. The TowerMat vertical lift system

The storage of long goods, metal sheets, tools, pallets, or mesh cages caused extremely complex handling issues and led to higher long-term costs. To store goods of this extremely long dimensions and heavy goods require particularly well thought-out storage logistics. Therefore, the appearance of the TowerMat vertical lift system offered by Kardex Remstar is a dynamic and flexible solution.

A TowerMat operates similarly to a Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Module. The TowerMat utilizes a stacker crane which transports long goods to an ergonomically positioned workstation. This system can be designed with one or two storage towers for maximum capacity. The TowerMat has flexibility for many different storage mediums from long goods to pallets and heavy tools.

With the ability to efficiently store any material weighing up to 5,000 kg per carrier, the TowerMat vertical lift system from Kardex Remstar is the ideal solution for companies that want to store oversized and extra-heavy goods efficiently, safely and compactly.

TowerMat stores heavy items in in the smallest footprint

2. The InterMat vertical carousel system

Kardex Remstar’s InterMat Storage System is a Vertical Carousel Module for round storage with unique requirements, for example tires or cable reels.

  • For tires: The InterMat carousel is excellent for high-dense storage because it makes full use of the available room height and depth. Tire and car manufacturers benefit from fast access to smaller car tires, large aircraft tires, and heavy rims. This optimized material flow leads to a long-term increase in overall productivity.
  • For cable reels: It is critical to safely store cable reels and other heavy round items so they do not take up too much space and are easily accessible. InterMat is a carousel designed for this purpose and fits in pits, outdoor areas, or as a T-bridge paternoster. It is extremely user friendly and safe. A loading trolley seamlessly stores and retrieves goods. Sectional roller shutters offer protection from unauthorized access or serve as sluice gates.

Operating as a traditional Vertical Carousel Module, the InterMat supports storage of up to 4,000 kg per carrier. Delivering stored items, directly to an operator at an ergonomic height and reducing storage space of these round and heavy goods.

The InterMat supports storage of up to 4,000 kg per carrier

In addition, the InterMat allows for flexible integration into your existing facility. Taking advantage of previously wasted overhead space, the Intermat can be installed as a bridge carousel above transit routes or in awkward corners to further increase efficiencies.

3. Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttle 1000 

With a tray width of 4,050 mm, the Kardex Shuttle 1000 has the highest load capacity in the Kardex Remstar family of Vertical Lift smart warehouses, handling up to 1,000kg per tray. Achieving new load-carrying capacity standards, it’s ideal for storing medium-heavy to heavy parts. Using a forklift, stack and store Euro pallets and mesh boxes in specially designed trays. This saves space and makes it possible to find goods faster, helping to lower costs, boost productivity and increase ergonomics. 

Further, to improve ergonomic handling, the Kardex Shuttle 1000 can be equipped with a dedicated crane to lift these heavy items and keep employees safe from injury.

Kardex Remstar Shuttle 1000 smart warehouse will help maximize the density of goods stored in the smallest footprint

4. Vertical Carousel Module Kardex Megamat 650

With the same operating principle as the Ferris wheel, the movement of the Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 smart warehouse is powered by a motor,  which sends the carriers in a vertical loop around a track in both forward and reverse directions – similar to a Ferris wheel. Goods are stored or retrieved through an ergonomically positioned access opening with a work counter.

Furthermore, designed with a width of 1,975 to 4,275 mm, a height of 2,360 to 10,010 mm and a depth of up to 1,711 mm, the Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 smart warehouse is suitable for storing heavy items with high picking frequency and has a maximum load capacity of up to 650 kg per carrier.

The Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 works well in a variety of different areas. For instance, it integrates into the production process in several ways – either as an interim storage solution for semi-finished products or as a buffer storage in between production steps.

If your business specializes in storing heavy items that are similar in height and the dimensions do not change often, the Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 smart warehouse solution is an ideal solution to maximize storage density. 

Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 Smart Warehouse - Ideal storage solution for heavy loads up to 650 kg

Kardex Remstar Smart Warehouse: Which is the right heavy goods management technology for your business?

Management and storage of heavy goods requires businesses to equip a solid logistics system with a special structure.. Due to their weight and size, these items often require special handling. Heavy inventory management can become an ergonomic nightmare putting workers at risk of injury. This large sized inventory takes up a lot of space leading to poor space utilization. 

Therefore, based on the size and weight of these storage items, as well as the floor space available, businesses will base on determining the Kardex Remstar smart warehouse solution which would best suit their business. In addition, there are several options and enhancements for some of these units to provide ergonomic handling, keeping your employees and product safe, thereby solidifying decision-making: Which is the right smart warehouse management solution for businesses?

Kardex Remstar Megamat 650 Kardex Remstar Shuttle 1000 The TowerMat vertical lift system The InterMat vertical carousel system
Weight capacity Up to 650kg/carrier Up to 1,000 kg/tray Up to 5,000 kg/carrier Up to 4,000 kg/carrier
Heavy tools




Heavy tools








Long goods (pipes, steel bars, etc.)


Round items

(tires, cable reels)


Options Controlled environments: clean, dry, temperature – Crane

– Custom tray for pallet storage

– Manual or automatic extractor tray (1,000kg)

Single tower or double tower Bridge installation

Furthermore, choosing the right smart warehouse solution for your business needs will help you maximize the benefits of automating heavier workloads including: recovering wasted floor space by up to 85%, increasing productivity by 2/3, increased pick accuracy up to 99.9%, increased inventory control and improved ergonomics. Heavy duty items require special handling and each of these solutions can be adapted to meet the needs of each business.

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Autotech Machinery JSC. is a leading industrial machine manufacturing company in Vietnam, we are building a prestigious brand not only in the field of automation but also with our Partners – Customers.

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Autotech is always ready to provide quality automation products and accompany customers in many projects

Not only that, in order to further increase customer satisfaction, Autotech Machinery has been and continues to expand its product portfolio to bring the best factory automation solutions to meet all the needs of business customers. That is why Autotech decided to cooperate and be the world’s leading supplier of Kardex Remstar smart warehouse systems. A leading smart warehouse system in the world will be a great choice for businesses, especially those in industrial manufacturing.


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