About Us


Vietnam Autotech Machinery Joint Stock Company is one of reputable enterprises which has affirmed the brand name of Autotech in the field of designing and manufacturing auxiliary automation systems for the industry.

Over the past 7 years of establishment and continuous development under the collaboration between the Management and all employees, Vietnam Autotech Machinery Joint Stock Company has been gaining considerable achievements, increasingly cementing its firm position in the industry that the company is operating in.

Vietnam Autotech Machinery Joint Stock Company (Autotech Vietnam Company for short) was established on 7th November 2013, under the Business registration certificate number 0106356736 by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.

From a small workshop in 18 Co Bi, Gia Lam district, Hanoi with more than 10 employees, the Management and all employees have created a “start-up”, placing the very first bricks on the path to the successful Autotech brand today.

In order to affirm its position during the operation, the Management and employees of the Company must overcome the start-up period full of difficulties and challenges. For the purpose of surviving in the aggressively competitive market and satisfying increasingly high demands of the diverse market, the Company has developed its own strategy with the focus on investing in high-quality labor force, fostering to improve qualification as well as caring for employees’ lives.

The Company has continuously innovated the scientific and professional approach to the supply of technical solutions in accordance with the needs of the auxiliary product market.

Additionally, it is the courage to accept the market challenges together with the effort to improve the quality of Human and Products that is one of decisive factors of Autotech’s success to become one of the most respected brands pioneering in the field of providing auxiliary automation products for the industry.

With an active mind to constantly seize new opportunities, the year 2016 marked the breakthrough of Vietnam Autotech Machinery Joint Stock Company on the way to enter the list of prestigious brands in its industry and raise the image of Autotech to the next level and a new position when the Company officially became a tier 1 supplier of auxiliary products for Samsung Display Vietnam Limited Company belonging to Group Samsung – a multinational conglomerate of South Korea

In 2018, the Company had started construction of Autotech Factory on 20,000m2 in VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Zone and officially put into operation in February 2019.

After more than 7 years of operation, up to now, the Company has more than 200 staffs, engineers, specialists and workers with deep knowledge and rich experience. The above results are attributed to not only the efforts of the Management and all staffs of the Company but also the interest and support of customers, suppliers and partners in the same industry. Thanks to that, the Company has more opportunities to affirm its position, constantly growing up to conquer the new challenges.