We are the people of Autotech. We are proud to be a part of Vietnam and to carry the mission “Improve Vietnamese values”.

Vietnam is known as a country with the well-off agriculture, massive resources, and diligent peasants. However, our industry is still immature, the human resources is quite a lack of training, and many more limits in technical skills as well as vision orientation. For this reason, although we attracted high investment from FDI, it was mostly from two main reasons: the low price of human resources and many preferential tax policies.

Correspondingly, we aspire to assert ourselves. Our desire is to upgrade Vietnam from an underdeveloped agriculture country, with “no ability to manufacture screws”, to a place that is able “to design, manufacture and provide automated machinery lines” worldwide.

We inspire and strive for perfection in any small movement, form those creative, unstoppable learning and improving spirits. With so much passion, we put our efforts in order to change the image and quality of the labor resources, the people and the products of Vietnam, since then, we can assert Vietnamese Values.


With the pioneer aspiration and a stable developed strategy, our company attempts to become the top Vietnamese Business in design, manufacture many automated systems to support the industry. And to successfully build an auxiliary product supply model for the automation process domestically and internationally. Along with the quality solution for technical improvement, we contribute to raise the position of Vietnamese business in design and manufacture auxiliary automation for the industry in the international field.


Customer delight

  • Our key to success is to understand the market, the challenges, and all the customers’ needs. Every single day, we:
  • Gain the perfection for customers in every decision we make ( to bring out the ultimate solution)
  • Always think and act from the customer perspective


  • Always put our effort and commitment in every movement in order to provide high-quality services for each of our customers
  • The quality service commitment is also one of our strength to assert our position in the market


  • Quality is one of the top features of our company. We focus on raising the quality in order to aim for a stable development.


  • With high demand, always listen to customers’ opinions as well as partners’, we continuously improve our systems, standards along with technology. So that we can upgrade the quality, products, and services at all times.
  • We maintain regularly those improvement activities. And also form the creative spirit in any solution.


  • We turn the passion and desire to develop of Vietnamese business into success for communities as well as each individual.
  • We commit in every single heart, soul, and enjoy what we do.


  • A team with years of experiences in automated field.
  • Focus on perfecting the process to ensure a stable quality product.
  • Focus on activities to train high skills spirits of our employees.


Passion and success

With the passion and pioneer aspirations as well as stable developed strategy, we do our best to become the leader in Vietnamese Business in design, manufacture many auxiliary automated supply systems for the industry; to assure our Vietnamese business in automated field.

We are proud to turn each individual’s passion into something that brings success to a whole community. And we are proud to be recognized as a Vietnamese business that has the capacity, the quality by our domestic and international partner.