On 5-6/11/2022, Autotech Machinery JSC organized a series of activities to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the company’s establishment (November 7, 2013 – November 7, 2022) at Dai Lai Resort. The event took place with the participation of more than 200 Autotech members and guests along with many unique and meaningful activities, bringing many emotions and unforgettable memories to the participants.

Happy birthday Autotech 9 years

Autotech’s 9 years journey of success begins with a single steps

Established on November 7, 2013, Autotech Machinery JSC is one of the pioneers in industrial machine designing and manufacturing in Vietnam.

After a 9-year journey (November 7, 2013 – November 7, 2022) of formation, transformation and development, Autotech has always researched and gradually implemented the market development strategy in terms of both scale and quality of products & services.

Celebrating 9 years of establishment of Autotech Machinery JSC

Turning 9 years old, Autotech has achieved breakthroughs and impressive achievements:

  • 3 Manufacturing factories, including 2 manufacturers in Vsip Bac Ninh Industrial Park and 1 factory in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park – Phase 2
  • 2 Branch offices including 1 office in Yen Phong Industrial Park – Bac Ninh and 1 office in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 40+ Well-trained and experienced engineers
  • 2438+ Automated assembly lines
  • 40+ Partners
  • 50+ Customers

Achieving these successes, it is undeniable that the ingenious leadership of the Board of Directors and the relentless efforts of all employees in the development and positioning of the Autotech brand in the domestic and international automation market.

Currently, Autotech has been making constant efforts to bring industrial automation solutions to businesses in many important fields and industries not only in the country but also expanding to oversea markets such as India, Mexico, etc. Autotech always believes that the journey to success is thanks to the cooperation and trust from all Customers – Partners and especially indispensable companions and contributions of each Autotech member.

Autotech online race 2022 "Steps to connect hearts"

At the opening of the series of activities to celebrate Autotech’s 9 year birthday this year, Autotech Machinery JSC organized the online race “Steps to connect hearts” for all Autotech members with the desire to change health training habits as well as encourage the spirit of exercise of each individual Autotech and towards the goal of contributing every kilometer of running to charity activities for the community.

Online race "Steps to connect hearts"

This is the first online race launched by Autotech in collaboration with Irace Vietnam – The company specializing in organizing online sports events for internal businesses and the community. Autotech’s running event that took place within 1 month from October 7 to November 7, 2022 has received the enthusiastic response of all Autotech employees, who actively runs every day to not only practice their health habits but also run for kilometers will be converted into the equivalent of 5,000 VND into the CSR Autotech Fund – Community Development Fund to implement programs sharing and charity.

Achievements of all Autotech members participating in the online race

And everyone’s efforts and perseverance have been duly recognized and achieved highlight results. Within 1 month of that race, all Autotech employees participating have reached 11,306 km equivalent to 56,530,000 VND into CSR Autotech Fund.

In order to make a great mark and bring success to this race, it is impossible not to recognize the efforts and efforts of the individuals with the best running achievements, including:

  • Top 1 male – female, belongs to male member Bui Van Toan with a recorded achievement of 457.32 km and female member Nguyen Thi Thanh Van with a recorded achievement of 266.87 km;
Bui Van Toan's male first prize and Nguyen Thi Thanh Van's female first prize in the online race
  • The top 2 male – female belong to male member Nong Dam Nguyen with a recorded achievement of 294.88 km and female member Do Thi Doanh with a recorded achievement of 266.87 km;
Nong Dam Nguyen men's second prize and Do Thi Doanh women's second prize in the online race
  • Top 3 belongs to the 8 members with the best running record
The third prize belongs to 8 members with good running records in the online race

Autotech Marathon "Let's Act - Let's Thrive - Let's Triumph"

The online race “Steps to connect hearts” kicked off a series of programs to celebrate Autotech’s 9th birthday with great success and received enthusiastic responses from all ATT members. Following the spirit of running to be healthy every day, Autotech organized to launch a Marathon running activity with the theme “Let’s Act – Let’s Thrive – Let’s Triumph” on a fresh autumn morning at Dai Lai Resort with the target distance set for each participant to complete is 6km (Equivalent to 5 laps around the pine hill at Dai Lai Resort.

Athletes are helping each other put the BIB number on the shirt
ATT athletes are standing in line to get ready for the race
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Khiem - Deputy General Director of Autotech is speaking to launch the Autotech Marathon "Let's Act - Let's Thrive - Let's Triumph"
ATT members are doing warm-ups together
Athletes standing ready to run at the starting line

This run is not organized for the purpose of winning or losing, but with the desire that everyone should run and run together to improve their health, and work together to complete the set goal.

Everyone runs together to complete the goal distance achieved

And there is no road full of roses, in this race too, there are times when we feel tired, discouraged, want to stop, but as long as we don’t give up, any difficulty or challenge will be overcome. And all Autotech members together try to complete the running distance set by the organizers.

The first ATT members have successfully completed their runs
Everyone celebrates and dances to the music after finishing their run

After moments of running efforts to complete the goal, all Autotech members came together to celebrate an extremely impressive and colorful celebration called “Colour Me Run”. Even though they were tired after a long run, in this pigment throwing activity, everyone was excited and participated enthusiastically. Afraid of stains on clothes, faces, everyone has a bright smile on the corner of their mouth, dancing together, singing along to music in a colorful space.

Autotech members having fun in "Color Me Run" activity
Bright smiles on the lips, cheers to the music of all the participants
Autotech's working culture is not only to do your best but also to do your best together in collective activities

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Gala Dinner “Autotech Machinery JSC - The Journey of Pioneers”

Gala Dinner is always a program that everyone is most anticipated. Autotech’s 9-year-old birthday party this year will be held grandly, different this year than every other year, it will be an outdoor party with the topic “Autotech Machinery JSC – The Journey of Pioneers”

Thoroughly and carefully from idea to completion, every area of ​​the party from the flower gate, check-in area, stage, banquet table, etc., all are absolutely perfect, shimmering brilliantly under the golden lights, creating an extremely solemn, cozy and fun party space like never before.

The stage area is ready for an exciting party
The party space becomes so shimmering and brilliant with sparkling golden lights when the sky turns dark

At the 9-year-old birthday party, Autotech was honored to welcome special guests to attend. Moreover, it is indispensable for the presence of more than 200 Autotech members attending the solemn ceremony to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Company’s establishment.

Autotech Board of Directors and guests at Autotech's 9th Anniversary Party

The event took place in a vibrant atmosphere, opening with unique and impressive musical performances.

Opening the party with a dance performance “Gió đánh đò đưa”
The party atmosphere became more exciting than ever with the dance performance "Những ngày tươi đẹp" from Friendly Fire team

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Pham Thi Huong – General Director of Autotech had moments to review the traditional history of 9 years of establishment and development of Autotech; tells the story of the early days of establishment, the memories, the difficulties that have been overcome that are decisive to the existence of the Company. On behalf of the Company, the General Director thanked the guests and employees who have accompanied Autotech from the first day of establishment as well as during the difficult times to help Autotech achieve the success it is today.

Ms. Pham Thi Huong - General Director of Autotech speaking at the party

Immediately after that speech, the General Director invited Autotech’s BODs to the stage to perform congratulatory ceremonies for the 9th anniversary of the Company’s establishment.

Autotech's BODs are raising a glass to congratulate the company's success
Autotech's BODs and BOMs are together performing the ceremony of "Lighting up the Autotech brand"
Autotech's BODs and BOMs together commit to making efforts and accompanying Autotech to develop and shine in the market
Autotech's BODs and BOMs together took a photo to preserve this meaningful moment

Following the gratitude of the Board of Directors to all employees, all employees also have a very special and meaningful birthday gift for Autotech’s BODs. A gift with the participation of all Autotech members from North to South, from management level to staff level, everyone together confessed, shared their feelings, memories and love for Autotech.

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Although the length of the video is not long, it gives viewers a lot of emotions, sometimes quiet when looking back on that 9-year development journey and the sincere confessions of Autotech members who are working and sticking at Autotech, or sometimes laughing gloatingly by the innocent and innocent sayings of Autotech comedians. Really, this is a very meaningful gift and brings unforgettable moments to those who attend.

Everyone was watching the video made by all Autotech members as a gift to the Board of Directors

In addition to the sharing and gratitude of the Board of Directors, the spiritual gifts of Autotech employees to the Company, at that solemn ceremony, it is certainly indispensable to honor and recognize the contributions of excellent individuals and collectives during the past time.

Prominent among them is the Tape Attach project of Dreamtech and KCI customers. This is considered a large project with high complexity and also a premise for a potential new line of Autotech machines in the near future. The implementation project has received positive reviews from customers and contributed significantly to improving the reputation of the Company. Besides, it is undeniable that the contribution and efforts of the entire team participating in the project from Sales to Setup. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to deduct a bonus for the personnel who directly implemented the Project as a word of encouragement, morale as well as recognition for all efforts of the members.

Representatives of the Board of Directors presented awards to departmental representatives who contributed to the success of the Tape Attach Project.

After that proud honor, Autotech members were once again immersed in the warm but equally exciting atmosphere of the Gala Dinner. All together enjoy the exciting repertoire, delicious food and share the moments worth at the party.

Duet performance “Tìm em trong chiều hội Lim” - Mr. Thế Đức and Ms. An Kiều performing
Dance performance “Old Town Road” extremely vibrant to from the southern team

The 9th anniversary party of the Company left a very good impression in the hearts of all members attending the party. These memories will always be what makes each individual very happy and proud to be a part of the great Autotech family.

Autotech 9-year journey

9 years for a person’s life is not a long time, but for Autotech, it is 9 years of a journey of working together and trying to excel every day, 9 years of new developments. Happy birthday Autotech, let’s wish Autotech’s next birthdays will have more new achievements to be conquered.

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