Why choose Autotech?

Superior solution

Whatever your needs, Autotech has an optimal solution for you! With a team of experienced engineers, we are always exploring and testing to offer customized solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Service quality

Our staff will assist you with project development, through the design, manufacture and installation of new machines and all necessary after-sales services. Our staff is well trained and ready for service. All of our machines are backed by a strong machine warranty program, technical support and timely after-sales service to customers.


The reason why Autotech products can meet the strictest standards of customers and are exported to demanding markets such as Korea and Japan, is because we have and always aim to quality products and services from the smallest details. All our products have gained CE certification of the European Union.

Constantly developing

We have been establishing an independent research and development division with a high quality human resource and the support of foreign experts. In addition, we aim to research new solutions in the process of designing, manufacturing and installing new machines to increase the competitiveness of each of our products, bringing optimum efficiency to customers.