In the honor of participating in the New Year celebrations, Autotech Machinery JSC organized the 2019 Year-end party and Happy Lunar New Year 2020 with the theme: TET REUNION. The party occurred was full of joint, from the leaders, employees’ family members, to the customers and partners.

The party is an occasion for all employees in AUTOTECH to look back to the whole year. It is sincere gratitude from the Leaders to our employees, who have been giving all their efforts for AUTOTECH’s development. That is also the message of Director Pham Thi Huong and Deputy Director Nguyen Chi Hung, to every employee in their speech during the party.

After the speech, the party is joyfully started, with the performance:” Đón xuân tuyệt vời” by Cam Sisters performance team.

The New Year Gala is a spiritual activity that cannot be missed by AUTOTECH employees at every year-end. After 6 years in a row, until now, Gala has become a spirit “specialty”. In order to have a Year-end party full of surprises and meanings, The Organization Department has to prepare months before that with many fantastic ideas. And to spark a highlight for the party, The Department has decided to perform a fashion show which clothes are designed from the production waste of the company, such as wrapped nylon, cartons, jute bags, etc. With the desire to spread the message “Protecting the environment”, even with the huge amount of works during the end of the year, our “designers” has always worked hard to be creative, our “models” has practiced continuously despite the tired, just to bring out the best performance, and to attract the audiences.

And to add a special meaning for this activity, the “Heroes” of AUTOTECH has done an exciting auction, in order to raise funds for environmental protection to actualize the actions and the realistic contribution for the environment and community.

The 2019 ended with all the passion, concentration, hard-working from each individual and the whole team, together, to make AUTOTECH stronger, better. As to record and commend all the hard works, the efforts, the contributions of every employee of the company, The Employee Honoring Ceremony, which is to honor those that have excelled in 2019, is performed right in the warming party. This is also the occasion for the Leaders of the company to honor, to reward, and to record all the contribution, the efforts of every single individual that has excellent performance. They did not just achieve the targets, but also greatly performed all the core values during their works, received high appreciation from managers, leaders of the company.

Representing the entire Leaders of the company, Director Pham Thi Huong complimented and commended employees that had come through all the challenges in works, always attempt, never stop trying to excellently finish the targets. Also, she encouraged the whole employees of the company to continue to show their abilities, passions, and working spirits to contribute, and to achieve good results in the upcoming years.

In the joyful atmosphere, The Lucky Draw as a good luck wish to entire company for a wealthy, smooth year.

The 2019 Year-end party is a sincere grateful from the Director Department to every single brother, sister of AUTOTECH, that has a working year full of contribution, effort, and united. It is also a sincere thanks to all the customers, partners who have been some fellows with AUTOTECH.

To celebrate the New Year and the upcoming Lunar New Year, AUTOTECH would like to wish all of our brothers and sisters employees, and families a happy and prosperous, and a happy new year. We wish our customers and partners good health and comprehensive successful development.