The Factory of Autotech Machinery JSC is located at 11 – 15 street 17 in the Integrated Township and Industrial Park VSIP Bac Ninh. Bac Ninh Province is one of the top economic center of Vietnam.

VSIP Industrial Park has a convenient location about traffic, and strategy as it is near the most active economic centre of Vietnam: Hanoi city with a wealth resources  about finance, science technology, advanced labor. Bac Ninh Province is also one of the top local regions that attract FDI investment. Moreover, VSIP Industrial Park also contiguous those auxiliary industrial areas of the northern key economic region such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh.


The company’s new office building with a total area of 3000m2, comfortable and modern, open style.

Officially constructed on August 2nd, 2018, after 6 months from the beginning until finished, in February 2019, Autotech Factory has officially active. This is considered as a special meaning event, to mark the massive transition of Vietnam Autotech Machinery JSC.

The total area is 20.000 sq.m, Autotech Factory project includes an overall harmonic structure in order to ultimately guarantee the utilities, with the total investment for the first phase, which is over 100 billion VND.  The project scale of phrase I with 10.801 sq.m in total, while the construction area occupies 5.645 sq.m, the two floors main factory occupies 6.868 sq.m for production, is appropriately arranged in each section: assemble, adjust, complete, goes along with auxiliary areas like welding workshop, aluminum cutting workshop, processing warehouse, equipment warehouse. The three floors executive office occupies 3.156 sq.m, with an open working space, provide a whole new experience, a space where creative minds are continuously formed and developed.

With the essential needs of expanding the business, as well as committing the improving quality of our products, Autotech Factory was designed and built according to ISO 14644-1 standard to minimize the dusty air at the lowest rate. Temperature, pressure, and humidity are also managed and controlled to ensure the quality of assembling process, testing, and packaging before finishing as standard and requirement of high-tech manufacturing field.


Factory phase 1 overview with a total area of 20,000m2

The assemble area of Autotech Factory with almost 7000 sq.m has the science structure consists of the first floor, the second floor, and the connected area. Among that, the first floor and the second are equipped with modern electric and air supply systems, in order to contribute to optimizing every sections. One more special thing, in order to satisfy the strict needs of the assemble area for the high cleanliness requirement electronic components manufacturing machinery systems,  Autotech also construct and equip a clean area room with the total space up to 500 sq.m, the cleanliness standard 100.000 class serve testing process and finishing before packaging.

The connected floors area, with the support from cranes, high loading capacity lift trucks, help provide the needs of products and assemble huge machines spaces, also to ultimately reduce the waste in delivering, lifting, importing and exporting.

Besides that, fire protection systems, instruction boards, and warning signs systems in two languages Vietnamese-English, are laid by regulations inside the factory and outside, help ensure the ultimate safety in the manufacturing and running process.

The intermix vividly arrangement among the regulations systems, safety slogans, 5S in manufacturing with precepts about life skills, that not just helps to raise the obey of the employees working at Autotech Factory, it also creates a space full of positive energy, strong motivation, contributes to form and develop the creative, positive minds, civilized, professional style of working.

Along from that, all areas inside the Factory were designed to ensure the ultimate safety for humans and products based on the basis of principles: safe, qualified, guaranteed products as the customers  wants, intelligent property control, focus on human resources and avoid wasting.


Library with thousands of books to help employees improve knowledge and entertainment after stressful working hours.

One special feature at Autotech Factory is the green park with green density up to 2.000 sq.m, separated functional rooms for employees such as the Gym, the Yoga, library with many documents, and book items.

Resting and relaxing room is built appropriately with the desire to provide maximum convenience as well as to raise the working environment quality for employees.


GYM training area and entertaining GAME help improve health and reduce stress after stressful working hours.

Autotech Factory from Autotech Machinery JSC, with the mission “Improve Vietnamese Values”, we have been breaking all the standard of an usual machinery factory, instead of that, we have been forming a whole civilized, integrated, provided the needs of technology trends, requirement of development Factory. However, we definitely don’t forget our goals is to bring out a working environment – where human values are the most important, creative minds, passion is continuously grown as our slogan “Passion and Success”.