This is a compact and flexible system for product packing and palletizing at the final step in a milk plant. The system which is intelligently designed, combined by the systems of technological equipment such as robots, cameras to maximally automate the motions and restricting human participation in operation. The closely automatic cycle from packing to palletizing includes the following steps: milk (bags / boxes) are automatically transferred from the previous stages by flexible roller conveyor systems -> Spider robots accurately pick up products into carton boxes with high speed -> The systems automatically count the number of bags/boxes of milk in the box -> Then carton boxes are transferred to next step to automatically sealed and transferred to palletizing by big robot arm.

The system is compactly designed and divided into short transmissions in order to create a space-saving system. With advanced technology using robots, vision, and intelligent operation, the system helps the product to be flexibly picked and placed.

This system is designed for packing and palletizing lines for milk bags. With the feature of the system, Autotech totally design according to customers’ requirements to be suitable for kind of box or bottle products. For more details, please contact us:

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