Autotech Machinery JSC is one of the leading companies of designing, automation engineering and manufacturing, machinery automation solutions, as well as ABB’s partner. Welding system for electric car project, which integrates automatic machine and ABB’s robot, successfully handled to Korean multi-national corporation in Vietnam specializing in the field of handling products from metal, plastic to provide for key industries like telecommunication, electronics, semi-conductor, automotive and other heavy industries.

The Application

Applying the robotics welding solution into production could improve the productivity and quality of products, to meet the increasing demand and meet the tight deadlines of the clients.


The Challenge

The large production scale and variety of customers around the world that meet the increasing demand, requirements of the output with high quality, guaranteed production schedule and make the ideas of automation for current production to be came true. This is a new project and the big challenge in terms of time to complete project on time in the current pandemic situation.


The Solution

Autotech Machinery JSC designed the welding system that was integrated automatic machine and ABB’s robot in the welding of aluminium bars cut from standard aluminium embryo piece to make final products as battery container for electric cars. Ensure the technical requirements about the appearance, coverage, warping within the allowed deviation of the clients and the output productivity with timing. Meeting the requirements about welding joints, lowest warping deviation for big welding surface, the welding speed within allowed limit to make sure for UPH of the whole chain.

Take advantage of features ABB robot welding IRB 2600ID can help reduce cycle times by up to 15%, significantly increasing production output in a variety of applications. Robot’s features help to significantly reduce total cycle times and increase reliability. Faster programming. Total programming time is reduced by up to 90%. Robot’s hoses and cables swing less during operation, and with less exposure to weld spatter or cutting fluids and the lifetime increases significantly. Costs are reduced in terms of purchasing and welding torch exchange by up to 75% and up to three production stops per year can be eliminated.

This is a new project and there is not any similar machine to compare and the timeline from preliminary search to final approval only within 14 days. All experienced designing engineers of Autotech with customer’s technical team together create the concept on time and was approved.

In this current pandemic situation, delivering goods that is a big challenge, obstacle. For Supporting our partners to complete the project in time, ABB has transferred the IRB1520ID Robot with similar features in smaller size as a test robot to serve our partner keep going with the project design.

The test run lasted in two weeks with the hard work of engineers  before the official installation at factory, at last the chain had been completed on time, working stably with reasonable price within budget and actual productivity is the same as design, meeting all the client’s demand. “in the upcoming time, customer is continuing ordering for line 2 and line 3 for other electric cars”, shares Autotech Machinery JSC.

“Autotech Machinery JSC has been cooperating strategically with ABB in many projects for many years, carrying-out big projects with high difficult levels especially for SDV clients. ABB always provides Autotech with valuable supports in technical fields, technology consultations, delivery deadlines as well as provide all the conditions for Autotech to meet the increasing demands of the clients, especially which is the flexibility in lending the robot with smaller size than design to test run in this project while waiting for the bigger robots as designed.” says Ms. Pham Thi Huong, Director of Autotech Machinery JSC. “Autotech and ABB, we will continue maintaining and enhancing the valuable cooperation between us, together take care of current customers and develop new customers’ pool to continue working on big projects in the future.”



Autotech Machinery JSC in brief

Autotech Machinery JSC is an industry leader for designing, automation engineering and manufacturing, machinery automation solutions.

Serving a large variety of industries and international branded customers, for example, Samsung, Yamaha, Mektec, Dreamtech, Tosok, Canon… Solutions have been utilized in the semiconductor, electronics, metal processing, laser, packaging, commercial and high-tech markets.

Source: ABB