In the context of globalization and economic integration, to be competitive in the market and rapidly catch up with new trends as well as meet the needs of the changing requirements of customers, Autotech has constantly upgraded and improved manufacturing processes. And recently  Lean manufacturing is deployed as it is an effective solution, especially suitable for automation companies to help reduce the operating expenses and increase the value to customers, which betters competitive capabilities of enterprises. Let’s see how Autotech has built and implemented Lean manufacturing!

The Lean Manufacturing has been applied by many leading enterprises

Lean management concept in manufacturing operations

Lean manufacturing or Lean in manufacturing operation is a modern management approach that uses methods and tools focused on innovation to streamline the manufacturing process of industrial machinery, thereby reducing waste, creating customer value and seeking continuous process improvement.

Although nearly a century has passed, Lean manufacturing is still proven to be an effective method, can help manufacturing companies, especially those operating in the industrial machine manufacturing sector, significantly reduce the time for implementing of production processes, operating costs, production space, increase labor productivity and at the same time foster and develop corporate culture, thereby increasing competitive capabilities of enterprises. Many of today’s top businesses such as Toyota, Nike, Samsung, etc. have chosen Lean as the foundation for production development, and built their own Lean house to grow to the top of the world.

What is Lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing started from the success of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and has been gradually implemented throughout Toyota’s activities since the 1950s. Since before the 1980s, Toyota has become more and more known for its efficiency in implementing the Just-In-Time (JIT) production system. Today, Toyota is often considered one of the most productive companies in the world and the company that sets the benchmark for Lean Manufacturing. The phrase “Lean Manufacturing” or “Lean Production” first appeared in the book “The Machine that Changed the World” published in 1990 and has increasingly been applied in many manufacturing companies in general and automation companies in particular.

Principles of Lean manufacturing in manufacturing operations

Lean manufacturing is built on five core principles that are applied to optimize manufacturing systems and operations in automation industry:

5 Core principles of Lean manufacturing to start Leaning

1. Create value based on customers’ viewpoint: The first principle of Lean manufacturing is value. Before  identifying and eliminating waste, manufacturers need to define automation solutions  that deliver real value, best meet customer needs.

2. Value stream identity: The second principle of Lean manufacturing is value stream. After manufacturers have determined the value that will be brought to customers, it is necessary to develop a production automation plan to create those valuable products. The purpose of this principle is to identify every step that doesn’t create value and find ways to eliminate those steps.

3. Create a continuous flow in the production process: The third principle of Lean manufacturing is to create a continuous flow. One of the specific goals of Lean manufacturing in manufacturing operations is  improvement and updating of new technology trends. Therefore, eliminating wasteful processes and moving to smart manufacturing is essential to make improvements in the value stream to reduce your production time.

4. Pull the flow in the direction of customer demand: The fourth principle of Lean manufacturing is to pull the flow. The pull system consists in starting new work only when there’s customer demand for it. This is what supports just-in-time production.

5. Continuous improvement to perfection: The fifth principle of Lean manufacturing is continuous improvement. Engaging in continuous improvement to relentlessly pursue the perfect process. Make lean thinking and process improvement a core part of your culture.

The benefits of Lean manufacturing in manufacturing operations

Each Lean manufacturing will have different importance in each company. For an automation company, this model will depend on operating characteristics, from which appropriate lean management tools will be selected.

This lean manufacturing, businesses will gradually realize its benefits. Let’s take a look at the common benefits of implementing this model in manufacturing operations in automation industry:

The benefits of Lean manufacturing in manufacturing operations

1. Reduce waste

Reducing waste is one of the most important benefits in automation companies

Waste is determined by any activity, process or feature that does not add value to the production process. By eliminating waste, a lean manufacturing system can produce better products, at lower costs. For example, smart warehouse applications to store tools, parts, equipment in manufacturing operations, helps to reduce the waste of walking time between the shelves as well as the time to find goods without affecting the production process.

2. Shorten production/service cycle times

Lean management helps process lean, thereby eliminating waste time between stages such as project survey time, planning time providing automation solutions for customers, test automation system time, waiting time related to payment operations, etc.

3. Improve productivity and increase product/service quality

Automation companies apply Lean manufacturing to reduce waste, resource waste in manufacturing operations and improve the efficiency of input resources, thereby helping to increase labor productivity / employee performance through and improve automation product quality.

4. Inventory management

Thanks to the just-in-time production method, Lean manufacturing reduces excess inventory, especially automation companies, which reduces costs and prevents production issues. For example, in manufacturing operations, instead of managing goods in the traditional form, Lean manufacturing will direct businesses to automatic goods management by applying smart warehouses to control inventory easily, minimizing waste in the production process.

5. Process improvement

The characteristic of automation companies is to always update new technology trends every day and promptly respond to customers’ needs. Therefore, the continuous process improvement benefits of Lean manufacturing will be a great fit for these companies.

6. Improve employee morale

This is a benefit that may not be realized in the early stages of implementing Lean manufacturing for manufacturing companies in general and automation companies in particular. But once the concept of Lean manufacturing approached and was accepted by employees, employee morale increased day by day. Lean manufacturing will reduce unnecessary work or procedures, thereby reducing work pressure and leading to improved employee morale.

Autotech joins Lean Manufacturing Marathon training program

Closing a meaningful 2021 with a highlight mark and marking the maturity of the company, Autotech Machinery had decided to implement and transform our management system to Lean manufacturing. Preparing to be proactive, ready to enter a new phase, in November 2021, key leaders of Autotech Machinery Jsc. participated in the Lean Manufacturing Marathon training program designed specifically for Autotech held at FLC Resort Vinh Phuc.

Autotech leadership team participated in Lean Manufacturing training course in Vinh Phuc

The training program is held for 3 days with a schedule from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m, every day is really a “marathon” of mental and physical strength for Autotech’s leadership and management team. At the training program, the members were equipped with basic knowledge about Lean manufacturing by the consulting team. The knowledge and lessons learned and conveyed through real-life production situations are applied right in manufacturing operations of Autotech. Thereby making every hour of class the members of this leading manufacturing company come alive and feel the time go by very quickly. The consultants were also surprised and excited by the enthusiasm, youth, and inquisitive spirit of Autotech’s leadership and management team.

Autotech members receive certificates after the Lean Manufacturing Marathon training course

End of 3 days “Marathon”, leaders return to their daily work with a new mindset: ready to change themselves to join the non-stop marathon – The process of transforming Autotech’s Lean manufacturing – A necessary race to raise the value of a company specializing in providing automation solutions to a new level with more efficient business operations, contributes to elevating Vietnamese values ​​and contribute more to society.

Autotech successfully designs Lean House

As a leading machine manufacturing company in Vietnam, with the desire to conquer new heights, fulfill its aspirations, Autotech Machinery has decided to choose Lean manufacturing to implement strong transformation steps, build a Lean manufacturing system with Autotech spirit.

Promoting production development, contributing to realizing the mission of developing Vietnamese production, positioning Vietnamese brands on a global scale.

Autotech leadership representatives give flowers to experts at the training course

First steps on a path to transformation, Autotech Vietnam has laid the first bricks to build up the first design for its own Lean house with the core values, cultural quintessence and working principles of Autotech developed and shared.

By commitment and consensus from the Board of Directors to all staff, Autotech Machinery is ready for the first 15 months of journey on the road to transformation and building a Autotech Lean House, its own Lean house –where the desire to rise to the heights of technology, new production automation techniques are conquered and imprinted with Autotech!

Autotech team is determined to build and develop on the journey of transformation to Lean

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