After a long time fighting with COVID-19 pandemic, on August 5, 2022, Autotech Vietnam Machinery Manufacturing Joint Stock Company decided to restart the annual team building program for all employees, through a series of team building activities on Cat Ba Island in order to build an environment of solidarity and responsibility as well as to regenerate energy together and foster affection to contribute to bringing Autotech to new achievements.

Autotech Team Building 2022 - At Cat Ba Island

Beach team building program with "Autotech spirit"

On purpose of building a united working environment, enhancing communication, connection and forming up team spirit, on August 5, 2022, at Ngoc Cat Ba Island, Autotech Machine Manufacturing Joint Stock Company organized a Team Building program with AUTOTECH SPIRIT theme for more than 200 members of the Autotech family to participate.

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With the support of the weather, the harmonious combination between the amazing beauty of Cat Ba Island surrounded by majestic mountains, blue sea and white sand has created a great playing spot for the Autotech Machinery family. A teambuilding session took place with many exciting activities and games, each member of Autotech became energetic warriors, united together, showing an Autotech spirit ready to overcome all challenges and conquer new heights.

Inspired by the historical event “Dong A spirit” of the Tran dynasty, the program’s route will be steeped in history and national spirit, including the following parts: Recruiting troops, training troops , Dong A spirit and triumph. Each part of the activity is an opportunity for each Autotech member to release their energy and burn with the game.

Part 1: Recruiting troops

The beginning of a series of Team Building activities, which is recruiting troops. In this part, the big Autotech family will be divided into 4 armies, corresponding to 4 uniform colors, representing 4 spirits, 4 individual identities full of personality, participating in teamwork games, bringing together high interactivity and solidarity.

Looking at the bright smiles, the joyful, eager lights, everyone is also hungry for victory, ready for a fiery mood to burn out with the game.

Brown Team
Red Team
Purple Team
Yellow Team

Part 2: Training troops

Completing the recruitment procedure, the 4 Autotech armies will switch to an extremely attractive warm-up, which is the training troops. All members of each team will be trained in basic martial arts movements to build strength and endurance, ready to overcome the upcoming challenge.

The martial arts teacher is teaching the basic martial arts to Autotech members

A basic martial arts exercise for self-defense, but the spirit of Autotech warriors is very serious, each movement is extremely strong, decisive and full of energy.

Autotech warriors are enthusiastically practicing martial arts movements

Built on the historical concept, the next team building activity will be the first activity that any army has to do when going to battle, which is “Building barracks” – This is also the first challenge that the troops are assigned. The shout “Start” sounded from the administrator, each member of the competing teams quickly began to carry out the challenge to bring back the first points for their team.

The armies are working to build their barracks as quickly as possible
Red shirt warriors are hard at work designing their own flag
Brown team is the best team that owns the most impressive flag

Next to the challenge of building a barracks, each team must overcome the next challenge called “Overcoming obstacles” to bring back their army of food and equipment. With a distance of 100m and obstacles set up on the track, the track is really a difficult challenge for the participants. However, with their best efforts, all 4 teams successfully completed the challenge.

Teams excitedly entered the challenge of "Overcoming obstacles"
An enthusiastic girl from the yellow team is doing her best to overcome the obstacle
Optimistic smile, ready to overcome all obstacles comes from the pretty girl of the purple team
Brown team is feeling excited with the items won in the challenge

Part 3: Dong A spirit

To continue the exciting series of Team Building activities will continue to be an extremely thrilling and difficult challenge, named “Piling – Tactical Plan”. It is considered a tough challenge, but with the enthusiastic cheers of teammates and the spirit of solidarity and good coordination in every move among Autotech members, 4 teams have brought home great bonus points.

Purple team is balancing the ropes on the big tree together
Red team is strategizing to win the prize in the fastest way
Carefulness, meticulousness and calculation come from yellow team
The non-stop coordination to drive each iron stake of the brown shirt team

Part 4: Triumph

Experiencing the extremely thrilling pile driving challenge, all 4 teams will move on to the challenge called “Conquer the goal”. For this final challenge, each army will use long wooden sticks to skillfully move onto the battlefield and plant flags at target positions on the battlefield.

Flexible steps and good coordination come from purple team
Brown team is focusing on walking in the cheers of their teammates
Troops are competing to plant flags in important positions

Although it is extremely difficult to move on the wooden board, there are times when the rope is lost, the foot slips off the wooden board or even tripped, etc. but the Autotech soldiers still together for the common goal of victory, were not discouraged, continued to stand up, continue to conquer the unfinished challenge in the enthusiastic cheers of their teammates.

Red team is trying their best to reach the finish line

End the series of challenges in the beach team building session with a very unique challenge, named “The Great Breaking Army” – This is also the final challenge, deciding the winning team. Coming to this final challenge, the armies will use air horses to move to the battlefield and use bows and arrows to destroy targets. After moments of exciting and fierce competition, no matter what the results, it is undeniable that the spirit of playing hard for all 4 teams has excellently overcome all challenges.

Purple team is riding a battle horse
The proud and imposing posture of the female General Autotech
Small but mighty - A female soldier of red team
Even though the horse fell, Autotech warrior always had a bright smile on his face, determined not to give up

True to the spirit of Autotech – constantly striving and ready to conquer all goals. Let’s unite together, solve difficulties and overcome challenges together, create memorable memories together on Cat Ba Island. That is also what the Board of Directors expect and expect from all Autotech members through the activities of this Team Building program.

Autotech Gala Dinner “Together We Shine”

In particular, ending the series of Team Building programs with an explosive and colorful Gala Dinner with the title “Together We Shine”, the all Autotech family got together to review memorable moments, admire vibrant musical performances, moments of honoring the winning team, etc., all of which created memorable memories and unforgettable emotions to each participating Autotech member.

Ms. Pham Thi Huong - Director of Autotech giving the opening speech for the Gala Dinner
The Board of Directors of the company raised a glass to wish the Gala Dinner a great success

The main highlight of the Gala Dinner and also the most anticipated program, was the art competition between Autotech departments. 5 special performances from 5 teams, each performance is elaborate, all together creating a burning gala night, with many unforgettable emotions.

The vibrant performance from the members of the production team won the first prize
The Accounting Team with an extremely impressive performance won the award "Most Favorite Performance"
A very exciting modern dance performance that made the audience admire from DAMB team
The creative dance with humor comes from the combination of the design and production management team
Youthful and meaningful folk dance from Setup team

Moreover, it would be a shortcoming for a Gala chapter if it lacks the appearance of attractive games. Each part of the games brings to the audience impressive emotions and crispy laughter, making the whole audience more cozy than ever.

The child members are extremely excited to participate in the gameshow
Beauty search program "Miss Grand Autotech"

The Gala Dinner party took place extremely successfully, the applause and laughter below the stage resounded, making the atmosphere more warm and emotional. Surely, it will be the most memorable night for each Autotech member present.


Autotech Machinery hopes that following the team building activities, Autotech family will always maintain their enthusiasm at work, gain more success, join hands to bring the “Autotech boat” to the “bigger ocean”, and bring more industrial machine manufacturing products and automation solution systems to businesses in Vietnam.

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